Four Rivers AOR Affiliate Membership Application


You are Real Estate Service Provider applying for Affiliate Membership to the Four Rivers Association of REALTORS®.  Please read the Terms and Conditions below before submitting your application.

To the FOUR RIVERS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS, I hereby apply for REALTOR® Membership in the above named Board and will provide my payment in the amount of $150 for a one time application fee and my 2020 Affiliate Dues payable to FOUR RIVERS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS.

My 2020 Board Dues will be returned to me in the event of non-election into the Association. Application fee is nonrefundable.

Fees to join:  

One-Time Application Fee - $150

2020 Affiliate Dues - $262/Year

New Office Set-Up Fee - $50 *If your office is new to FRAR

Our Membership Department will send you the full amount in the email referenced below. Please look for an email with further processing instructions/ and fee information. Please do NOT call to make payment or send documents prior to receiving this email. We require a minimum of TWO business days, after receiving payment and all required documents, to process membership.  There are no refunds payable on dues.


Terms and Conditions of Membership:

 As a basis for consideration of my/our application, I/we agree to the following:

 1. That I am not now actively engaged in brokerage, appraising, management, leasing, or renting of real estate for other persons.

 2. That should I/we, at a later date, become engaged in the brokerage, appraising, management, leasing, or renting of real estate for other persons, that my/our membership status will immediately change to that of   applicant for REALTOR® membership (applicable to Affiliate only).

 3. That I/we agree to abide by the Bylaws of the Four Rivers Association of REALTORS® now in effect or which may be changed hereafter by vote of the qualified membership (applicable to all member types).

 4. That my/our membership in the Board is non-transferable and is subject to my/our adherence to the FRAR Bylaws (applicable to all member types).

By submitting this application for board membership, you acknowledge acceptance of our no refund policy.